Alton Towers

9 days into the game and I still hadn’t found a single coin, whilst Tiff was cleaning up, finding pennies here, there and everywhere.

Alton Towers made up for that though – after our first ride, the Nemesis, I found a penny in one of the tree beds. Nice ! I was on the scoreboard.

Later on, I found a nice shiny 10p coin in one of the large open paved areas. Tiff saw it too but I shouted “MONEY” first and thus it was mine :)

In the queue for the Smiler, Tiff came into her own, finding two 2p pieces and another 2 Euro cents coin. We also saw what we coined (pun intended) “Ghost money” – a coin that you could see but couldn’t get to. It was over one of the large metal gated barriers – a nice shiny 20p. The thoughts we had of climbing to get to that – that would push whoever was brave enough into a nice lead. The thought though of all of the other people in the queue seeing you scav for a 20p coin put me off. Couple that with the fact that we could be thrown out over a 20p. Not worth it.
Ghost continued his good fortune and racked up another 2 pennies, again, seen behind gated areas…… he was doing better than us !

Later on, Tiff found a cheeky little 5p coin in one of the main walkways, stopping mid stride and shouting “MONEY”, people behind almost piling into her. I think you have to ! :)

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