Monthly Archives: July 2014


Going that extra mile

It was our shopping night, each doing this separately in the super markets near our own places.

I find a 5p coin in mine and I’m happy, Tiff lets me know she found 3 pennies in hers.

The kicker is this though, she saw one underneath the bread shelf but it was so far back that she couldn’t get to it. So she decided to dismantle the shelf, grab the coin and then rebuild the shelving.

Now that is commitment to the cause.

Money Laundering

A nice long walk from my house down towards Barnwood delivered a nice bonus for Tiffany as she claimed the first hoard.

On some ground where cars are washed by hand, Tiffany found lots of small denominations coins in a row – she was shouting “MONEY” almost every few seconds it seemed to me. And as I went near, she assertively informed me that that was her ground :)

Thus that place was forever known as her “claim”. A claim that I was happy not to interfere with – especially my pound coins had given me a healthy lead.
She struck gold there with a 20p, a 2p and 5 pennies. The first hoard was 7 coins strong.

We finished the walk. Tiff ended on 32p and I ended on 6p.


Yet another

I find mine and our fourth pound coin in Tesco’s Brockworth underneath the bread shelf. Initially I though it was just a piece of cardboard but as I grew closer, I knew I was onto a winner. Bread/money, there’s got to be something to say here…. I won’t though.

I found it hard to break the news to Tiffany at finding this. I felt ashamed and sorry to find it as with this coin I was storming into the lead.

To compound the victory, I find a solitary penny near the checkouts. He was looking rather solemn and so to brighten up his day, I picked him up and put him in my pocket.


Pound Coin

Another summer evening’s walk delivers our third pound coin. On a pavement outside of a church in Hucclecote I see it sitting there in the weeds. Nice !

Tiff finds 6p, a cheeky little 5p on the road and a nice little penny in some guttering.

Whilst scouring Hucclecote Rugby Club car park for lost coins, I’m approached by a man asking what I’ve lost. Now Tiff and I had discussed what we would say if this scenario reared its head. Well I told the truth, simply told him I was looking for coins, playing a game against my girlfriend. I thought it was better than saying I’d lost a ring or something because then he might have offered to help. Which would have been weird.


Unusual Money !

On a long walk around Brockworth, we find a further 4p between us. Then we hit the OMG moment.

Tiff finds what she initially believes to be a bundle of £20 notes – showing me from afar I’m astonished. Then after closer inspection, we realise it’s a printed £20 napkin.



Coin Return

I find the second pound coin of the game when Tiff and I travel to Ross to see a friend for her birthday. We stop in a shop to get her a gift and birthday card and I look around, as you do, for money and then after Tiff checks the floor of the photo booth, I go in there and check the coin return. MONEY !

Further up the road on Ross High Street, we spot a 10p coin on the floor of the entrance way to a shop. Tiff spots it and is off after it. It’s a cruel “ghost” coin as someone has glued it to the floor – presumably for a joke so that the staff of the shop could watch people all day attempt to pick it up. Tiff was not pleased – we couldn’t shift it.


Other Coins

On a long walk around Brockworth and the surrounding area, we find nothing. Nothing !

In the last 2 minutes of the walk, near to my house, I find a 1 Euro coin, a gaming token and a penny.

Weird how it can go sometimes, in that you can walk for hours, cover a lot of ground and find nothing. Yet go near your own house and there you find gold :)

Anyhow, the coins were all grubby and so they were the first ones to endure the vinegar bath.