Magical Phone Box

Tonight we went out for my friend Ryan’s birthday do. A tasty little get together at one of Gloucester’s finest drinking establishments, the Regal 😉

We knew there’d be money on this outing and we weren’t disappointed. On our way from where we parked the car to the pub, we passed a phone box and Tiff chanced her arm. She was rewarded for her courage with a shiny ten pence piece. The night was a winner already !

I went on to find two 5p’s in the Regal, one in the middle of the pub (yes I did bend down and pick that up in front of all the “trendy” people). The second I picked up from the toilet floor. Oh yes, we stoop that low for the game !

On our way out, Tiff eagle eyes a penny in one of the arcade machine’s coin tray. This night is paying off ! It got better.

As we walked back to the car, we passed the same phone box and I said “this time it’s my go”, expecting nothing from the same coin return. There was only a bloody pound coin in there this time ! The fairies were on my side this time.

Win !

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