Walking in the Rain

Following a lengthy lull in the game as I had to look after my brother’s dog and he was too much of a handful to do Road Golding with, the game was back on !

Tiff really wanted to go out on a long walk and so we decided to chance the weather, which was edging on raining, and walk on up to Tesco Quedgeley – just over 2 miles distance from her place.

It sounded like a great idea in theory but in practice, our choice of footwear wasn’t ideal. Both of us suffered from “soggy foot” that day. At near 5 miles of walking with wet feet, not the best.

In any event, we achieved Road Gold greatness and sluiced 63 pence from the outing. 35p for me and 28p for Tiff.
Including 2p under a McDonalds drive thru window on the day of the theory of that being a good spot to find coins.

Earlier in the day too, we found 4p between us from inside Tesco Quedgeley.

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