Money Road

This day would go down in Road Gold history as the day when Money Road was discovered and named.

In the evening we venture out towards a garden centre in the dark, thinking that if the car park is open and if the lights are on, we’d have a good chance of striking Road Gold. On the way there, I find a pound coin at a motorway crossing – the seventh to be found and then a 2 pence piece. Our journey is already worth it, but before we go to the garden centre, we decide to walk a little bit further as we see a bus stop and some road crossings, good potential money spots. That’s when it calls to us.

We spot a closed road and behind the fencing a 5p glistens. Working out how to get to it, we find a way in and on that road, I find 17 coins totalling 33p, Tiff finds 5 coins totalling £0.11. On our way back, she finds another 1p. This road is just a small piece of access road that seemed to have been constructed before the housing but the houses were never started. So the road was simply fenced off. Coins were everywhere and we couldn’t believe our luck there – we coined it “Money Road” and it became our second hoard destination.

Earlier in the day, Tiff also found 2p – what a day for Moneying !

This is what we found…

29-8-14 money road

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