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October 2014 Results

October’s results are in :

26 English coins found, totalling £0.95

13 English coins found, totalling 0.55
Plus 1 other coin.

An ok-ish 39 coin haul !
Autumn and the ground covering leaves have hit us hard.

Well between us, £1.50.


After Work

After Tiff finished her work shift, we took a small walk up to McDonalds Hardwicke so that Nibs could do his business (we didn’t eat there)

I found 22p worth of archive gold (a twenty and 2 pennies) and Tiff found a cheeky 2p. Crossings are great places for money.

Planned Money Outing

Sometimes when we have a nice free bit of time together we will go out specifically to look for money. Today was one of those days.
We drove to Churchdown, parked in Tesco’s car park and headed along Cheltenham Road East towards Staverton.

Tiff found 1p and I found 9p. We expected more as we walked fairly far – the ground was not rich pickings. Other Road Golders must be patrolling Churchdown 😉

Earlier in the day I found 4p though and Tiff found 5p.

Danger Money

On a sunny Sunday morning, I found 15p at Tuffley park before my Sunday football team’s game. Last post I said that I’ve never seen a mankier 10p. Well, this one now takes the biscuit.


Then on way home, I stop at a traffic light (as you do) when it’s red and I see a 2p in the road grit. So I get out and get it. First out of car money !!

Tiff also found a penny today.


Strolling for gold

On the first Friday of every month, I get together with my long-time friends and fellow Strollers (a football team I played for for 21 years) – anyhow, before the evening’s meal, I did a cheeky little walk around the Quays area of Gloucester and found 30p. 2 ten pence pieces and 2 fives.

This 10p is one of the crappiest coins I’ve ever found. We’ll see at the end of the game how the bank deals with it :)



Whittling away at our target with manky coins

Tiff and I often go out to eat at the Whittle in Brockworth as it’s not far to walk there. So we set off a little earlier and did our customary money walk. I found 6p (a 5 and a 1). Tiff found 3 pennies – 5 coins in total. Not bad for an evening’s moneying.

Some of the coins we find leave a lot to be desired.