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November 2014 Results

November’s results are in :

33 English coins found, totalling £2.02

30 English coins found, totalling £0.85

An impressive 63 coin haul !
Back to decent results following a poor October.

Well between us, £2.87.



Ghost Money

On our way to Tiff’s birthday lunch meet in Ross, I see a 5p on the side of the road from the car.

Later, Tiff sees a 5p in Angie’s flat !!

Both are coins that we saw but couldn’t get (or wouldn’t be allowed in Angie’s coin’s case) but allowed Ghost to increase his amount by 10p.

Obvious Money

I find 8p early doors at Plock Court before my football game. It was literally smiling at me from the car park space before the entrance.

Later on that night as we go to watch Hunger Games Mockingjay Part one, I find 5p in the cinema foyer.
When we get home and take Nibs for a night plop, I find another penny.


Golden Doorstep

At the end of a standard night walk with Nibs, literally opposite my house in the alleyway, I see in the din what I think is a coin shining at me. I bend down and it’s only “gum” eye-energy !!

But then, I look to the side and find a £1 coin. The ninth to be found. And about 10 yards from my doorstep too. Quality.

Town Cash

Today we walked about 6 miles to and from central Gloucester. Nibs always enjoys these long walks – my hips don’t but then tough. Road Gold doesn’t just jump out and bite you in the ass. You have to get off your butt and work at it !

Anyhow, I found 33p (9 coins) and Tiff found 5p (4 coins).


Money in the Forest

It’s a nice day so we take our bikes to Pedalabikeaway in the Forest and go biking. It’s an eventful day because as soon as I take the bikes out of the back of the car I realise that Tiff’s pedal had been resting on my chain and had bent it so that it couldn’t feed through correctly.
Seeing as we were at the bike shop though, they fixed it !

After our ride, we put the bikes away and did a quick scout of the area. Tiff found 2 5p’s and I found a 5p and 2 1’s.


Money Road – the Trilogy

On a nice day in November we took a daylight walk to money road (seeing as the other times we’d been it had been dark) – We found another 17p there !! (Tiff found 11 pennies and I found 6p made up of 2 two pence pieces and 2 pennies)

Later on a walk up Bristol Road in Quedgeley, we find 90p in total !
(Tiff 51p with 18 coins and I find 39p with 10 coins)

3-11-14 walk