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December 2014 Results

December’s results are in :

30 English coins found, totalling £2.75
Plus 2 foreign coins

28 English coins found, totalling £2.90

An impressive 58 English coin haul !
Our best month yet and who’d have thought that for the dark and dangerous December.

Well between us, £5.65. Bring it on January and 2015 !
We’re closing in on our healthy £40-50 target.


There and Back again

We do another long walk, this time to Barnwood Arboretum and back. Nibs enjoys his time off the lead.

On our trip, I find 26p and Tiff finds 6p. 1 of the 2p’s that Tiff found was stuck in ice in the middle of the road!
It’s a shame that we didn’t have a camera with us this day as that would have made a great photo. But so be it, Jedi.


The Twelve Days of Christmas Pounds

Today delivered more decent weather and so we took a small walk around Coopers Edge – This time I found £1.07, including my 9th pound coin and our twelfth of the game for this season. With those coins, I’m also the first person to break the £15 mark.

Later that night, on a Nibs poo walk, I find another coin, this time a 1 Canadian cent.

Festive Gold

The first ever Christmas money is added to the game as we do a little walk around Coopers Edge prior to heading over to my Mum and Dads for dinner.

I find 95p (Two 20p’s, a 5p and the 2nd 50p ever!). Tiff finds 1p.

Happy Christmas from the Road Golders.

Angie’s Flat

We plan a visit to Ross to see Tiff’s friend Angie and to give her Christmas gifts. Tiff finds 5p in her new car in a compartment near the steering wheel.
That’s free money without even trying !

In Ross, I find a 2p and a 1p and then we head to Angie’s flat. There, Ghost bags another penny as it’s seen on the floor there. She must be rich if she can throw around these coins so liberally 😉

Polish Visit

Graige returned from Poland with his girlfriend and so to meet up and say Happy Christmas, Strollers and some wags met at Fosters at the Docks.

Before we get there, we do a small scout of the surrounding area and I find 11p.

Inside, we regale them all of our find cash game and then things get interesting. I see about 5 yards away what I believe is a 2p glistening. I let the others know and when Tiff returns from the ladies room we tell her about it. She’s braver than me and isn’t as easily embarrassed and so goes to investigate. She finds the coin and then carries on finding more ! – She disappears around the corner and when she returns, she has 14p (10 coins in total) – it was almost like a coincrumb trail.

Tiff was convinced it was a piss-take. But it wasn’t and she was 14p richer in the game and her coin total increased nicely.