Polish Visit

Graige returned from Poland with his girlfriend and so to meet up and say Happy Christmas, Strollers and some wags met at Fosters at the Docks.

Before we get there, we do a small scout of the surrounding area and I find 11p.

Inside, we regale them all of our find cash game and then things get interesting. I see about 5 yards away what I believe is a 2p glistening. I let the others know and when Tiff returns from the ladies room we tell her about it. She’s braver than me and isn’t as easily embarrassed and so goes to investigate. She finds the coin and then carries on finding more ! – She disappears around the corner and when she returns, she has 14p (10 coins in total) – it was almost like a coincrumb trail.

Tiff was convinced it was a piss-take. But it wasn’t and she was 14p richer in the game and her coin total increased nicely.

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