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January 2015 Results

January’s results are in :

17 English coins found, totalling £0.33

12 English coins found, totalling £0.45
Plus 1 foreign coin and the biggie, our first note, a £5 !

Well played Tiffer.

A poor 29 English coin haul ! But with that note, it becomes our best month yet!

Well between us, £5.78. Come on February, what have you got !?!?



To celebrate our last day off together before work starts up again, we enjoy a bike ride around the other side of Brockworth. Virgin ground for moneying. It’s nice to look for money on ground where cars are few and far between so we hit those sorts of places.

We are rewarded as Tiff finds 6p and I find 18p.

We also cycle over to Brockworth Rugby club where my football club was based to scour the car park for lost coins – there we are stared at suspiciously whilst simply cycling around looking at the ground. Presumably we look like dodgy people casing the joint instead of what we actually are. Dodgy people picking up pennies and the like 😉