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February 2015 Results

At the end of January I taunted February and asked “What have you got !?”
Well, February’s results are in :

26 English coins found, totalling £0.66

13 English coins found, plus more notes, totalling £40.32 !!

Epic win for Tiffer.

A poor 29 English coin haul ! But with those notes, it becomes our NEW best month yet!

Between us £40.98.

I don’t think that month will ever be beaten.


storage king 2

Bike Ride

It’s a nice day and so I go out in order to try and ensure 2nd place by claiming the most coin finds.

To that end I cycle up to some waste ground near to Walls Roundabout in Gloucester. I find a superb 19 coins totalling 47p. 1 x 10p, 4 x 5p, 3 x 2p and 11 pennies. Most of it found on a very small car park.

Here’s some images of coins in place prior to me picking them up. Nothing like a good coin in the wild.

paul waste ground feb 2

paul waste ground feb

Here’s the full hoard of coins

bike ride 21-2-15


I think she has won

Tiff finds ours and her second, third, fourth and fifth notes as she finds 4 tenners in a bundle! Can’t tell you where as it’s a secret ! Sshhhhhh.
(She didn’t steal it from a bank though, so don’t worry)

I think she has the 1st place prize sewn up and fair play to her. Astonishing.