Burning down the house !

Tonight we wanted to do a different walk and decided to walk towards Abbeymead and so I put a couple of potatoes in the oven and off we went. This gave us an hour and a half to get out, walk Nibs, find coins and return.

Well we did, I found the first, a penny in a layby and then we moved on to an old boarded up pub in Abbeymead. Tiff found 2 pennies there and then onto the car park there, she found a 5p too. Nice win.

Anyway, we made our way back and we were pretty much on time to arrive home within the hour and a half cooking time. As we approached the house I heard a fire alarm going off and mentioned to Tiff that that often happened to me as the smoke alarms are very sensitive and it’s easy to do. As we got closer, I realised it was actually coming from my house !

We rush inside and there’s a horrible stink in the air (not my normal fart smell this time) and there’s gross smoke coming from the cooker. It transpires I left the grill dial on from a previous cooking experience (I normally turn the cooker off at the wall too you see) and the grill had essentially melted the grill pan. We were lucky ! Road Golding can be dangerous.

Later on on a night walk with Nibs, Tiff found a further penny. 5 coins for the day !

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