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April 2015 Results

The results for April are in :

20 English coins found, totalling £1.27

20 English coins found, totalling £0.48
Plus 3 foreign coins

Between us £1.75.

An decent-ish 40 English coin haul ! Onto the final month of the year. Can we reach £80 !?


Hoarding it good

Another long evening walk with Nibs gives us an opportunity to increase our finds.

We walk along Hucclecote Road and I find 6p. Tiff finds 17p (11 coins) plus 1 American cent and 1 euro cent at her car wash hoard. Like Money Road, it’s a place that keeps supplying !



Today’s a bank holiday in the UK and it started off well with a 5p find on my way to our arranged Strollers breakfast.

From there, Tiff and I took Nibs up to Haresfield Beacon for a nice run around. The weather was quality. We both caught the sun.

From there we took a small trip to money road where Tiff found 12p and a 1 euro cent coin. I found 8p, plus 21p just outside. On the way to Money Road from where we parked, I also found a 50p piece. Tiff found 1p on the way there. Money Road continues to provide !