Virgin Paper

Food shopping it is then ! So off I pop to my local Tesco’s for some eats.

Tesco luck is back on my side as I find 1p on way in. I see another penny on the way out but can’t stop as I have a full trolley, so I go to my car and fill it up. I debate to myself whether or not I should bother going back in for a penny. But I do.

So I go back in and on my way past the self-service checkouts I see another penny too plus what I thought was paper trash. I grab some chocolate so that I have a legitimate excuse to get to the till and queue up. It’s my turn and luckily my the checkout that I wanted to go to becomes free. I bend down to pick up the penny and that’s where I see that thing of beauty, my first paper note, a fiver. It had been there a while as I thought it was trash on my way in, so I wouldn’t have been able to pair it back to it’s rightful owner – so it just went in my pocket !

Then I quickly go and grab the other penny and I leave Tesco’s that day with £5.03 !

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