Putting your arm under !

Today was a strange but good money day.

During my normal weekly shop at Tescos, I scour the aisles whilst shopping, as per usual. Anyhow, I look under the cake shelf (through the grates) and I see a lonely 5p. I wait until the coast is clear (as in wait until no-one sees me looking like a right gimpy scav), then I bend right down and put my arm right under and drag that little blighter to my awaiting grubby hand !

Nice !

I carry on shopping, then on the way out, I spot a 2p (I think) underneath one of the self service checkout ends (it overhangs and leaves a gap of about 6 inches above the floor). I go to the car and load the shopping, thinking, “shall I” ? I decide no.

All evening the thought of leaving that coin was nagging at me, so I walked to my mate’s house to drop off the tripod he lent me, then aimed back on up to Tescos.

I walked back in there and on my way up to the choccy aisle I saw a penny at one of the self service tills – BONUS, I thought to myself. So I picked up a nice bag of Cadbury’s Crunchie rocks and headed for the checkout. There were people there, so I bided my time and hung around at the clearance section. As soon as I saw they’d finished I headed over – paid for the chocolate, picked up the penny and there’s another bonus. 2 pennies left in the coin return. Win.

Then over to where that 2p was. I went to the side, bent down and pretended to do my laces, waiting for the chap who was paying for his goods at that till to leave. He did so after a bit and then I grasped my opportunity. Arm under time again. Instead of pulling out 2p though, it was a nice shiny 20p !!

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