Sunny Bike Ride

On a nice June evening bike ride, we headed through Brockworth, then up Shurdington Lane and left at Badgeworth Lane. Along the road, a circle called to me and I shouted “MONEY”.

I stopped quick-smart, got off my metal steed and went back to where I thought I’d seen a 5p. When I got there, it was a dirty pound coin ! Mega win.

We carried on and literally about 20 yards further, I stopped again and picked up a nice archive penny.

We Headed back over Chosen Hill and got to Hucclecote Rugby Club ground where Tiff found an archive 2p and a penny. This to add to a 2p coin she found earlier in the day underneath the papers stand at Tesco Petrol Station in Brockworth.

Later still, on a Nibs walk, I find another archive penny !

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