Unexpected find

On a nice hot evening, Nibs and I went for a walk away from Summerhouse as Tiff was teaching her last few lessons. We aimed up towards McDonalds and then left along the A38, looking to find some archive treasure.

It was a long walk with narrow paths and traffic speeding past. Not great for finding money but still, we went and had a look. Nothing.

At the half way point, Nibs decided that he needed more fun and slipped out of his collar and it wasn’t a great sight as a “naked” dog was on the A38 !! – still, nothing was coming at that point and I grabbed him up and got the collar back on. We headed back !

On the journey back, Nibs stopped for a pee near a hedge at a farmer’s field gate – whilst he was busy, I noticed some eye energy. I picked it up and just as I was about to toss it loose, I noticed it had markings. I couldn’t tell what it was at the time but when I got back I found out it was an old French 10c coin.
The first non-English coin of this year’s game.


I also found a 20p on the way back. So that was nice. :)

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