Park and walk

On a decent July evening, we ventured out on a planned money journey. We drove to Sainsburys in Barnwood, parked up and headed out.

Sainsburys itself had no money at all littering the ground and we started disappointed. However, we pushed on and headed up towards the Walls factory.

We carried on and walked towards the waste ground by Walls Roundabout, going past Storage King and the other smaller trade shops there.
I found 2 2p’s and a penny in fairly short order and we knew the game was on !

Then onto the Storage King car park where I had such joy before. I found a 1p, a 2p and a 5p and Tiff found four 2p’s and a penny.
We moved onto the waste ground and then that’s where the money tune began. looking at the ground we came across a rich vein where Tiff shouted money, then I did, then she did. The funny thing was, I’d see one by her feet, then she’d see one by mine. Very funny. Tiff added 3 pennies and I added 4.

Leaving the site, we had to double back on ourselves in order to go on. By the time we got back to the same spot (this time on the other side of the fence), I saw what I believed was a 5p piece. I ran all the way back again, and picked it up. Then ran all the way back again. The things we do for a 5p !

We then aimed towards Barnwood Road, but checked a road crossing first by the Ibis hotel. We scooped a 2p each here. Moving on, I found a 5p on the pavement on Walls roundabout. Our last coins were found on Barnwood Road just outside the Morrisons. Tiff found a penny and I picked up a 2p.

In total, Tiff found 10 coins totalling 15p and I found 14 coins totalling 31p.

Earlier in the day too, I found a 50p on a roundabout whilst cycling back from football training.

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