Manky money

Before Tiff finished work, Nibs and I took our customary walk out and about and we headed towards the industrial estate.

It was a fairly decent sized walk, about an hour and a half. We covered a fair distance and there was nothing to be found at all, not even any eye energy, which is unusual for an industrial estate as they’re normally strewn with washers and blanks. Anyhow, we’d just about given up then we thought, just aim towards that roundabout, do all the crossings there then come back. Luckily for us, on each crossing was some gold.

Unfortunately it was all manky gold. 3 horribly deformed pennies and a scratched up 10p.

This contrasted the nice shiny 20p I found by Summerhouse too !

It took some time, but we got there in the end, a 33p haul to add to our July total :)

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