Private Property

Today we took another planned journey. So we headed off in the car again and parked up in Sainsbury’s Car park in Barnwood.

We crossed the car park and walked across the empty petrol station. There Tiff found a nice shiny 20p. A great start to our evening’s moneying.

Soon after we headed towards Hucclecote Road and passed a large empty car park. We started looking on the car park floor, covering it, like we do in a grid pattern. Anyhow, after we’d covered a third of the ground (with nothing found) we were told we were on private property. We left. Fair enough innit !

Soon we were back at another favourite Tiff haunt, her usual hoarde spot. Anyhow, here she found a penny and I found 3 pennies and a 2p. Nice to see that this place that normally delivers, continued to do so.

After this small victory we headed back up towards where we parked – and I found a further penny. Right near the car, in the bumpy crossings on the road, I found another penny and a 5p. It ended as well as it had began.

A nice evening amount added to the 21p I also found earlier in the day. Weirdly enough in the same place as I found the 50p last week !

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