Money Road : Rubbish but great !

Today Tiff finished work early and so she asked if we could go out on a walk fresh from her shift. So because we didn’t have a massive amount of time before it went dark, we headed out to Money Road to chance our arm.

Immediately upon getting to the ground we noticed there were bags and bags of household rubbish dumped there. A great shame to see and it almost put us off. A lot of waste was strewn across money road. Disappointing.

Anyhow, we started looking and immediately I found a penny. It looked old and perhaps I’d missed it before, but I continued on and found another one, but this time it looked rather new. Money Road had been replenished !

Tiff went on with Nibs to find her coins, instead I kept finding one after another until I came to this motherload !


I didn’t pick anything up, just called Tiff over and I took the photo. Then I said whatever you can pick up is yours. The race began and we filled our pockets.
We stayed a little longer and found many more coins, Tiff finding the first 10p coin ever found there, which is also the largest denomination of coin found there.

Then I found this cheeky little 2p buried in the mud. Needless to say I dug him out and he came home with me :)


Overall we pulled £1.31 from Money Road. Tiff getting 19 coins totalling 53p and myself, 35 coins totalling 78p.

A massive haul and our best ever from Money Road.

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