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Today was really hot and we headed out to Robinswood Hill for a nice walk with Nibs. It was super lush in both weather and look of the area and it rapidly became one of my favourite hill spots.

Nibs decided to christen the new walk with a cheeky plop, which Tiff carried for a while (in a bag mind !). Anyhow, walking the perimeter of the hill I saw a red poo bin through the trees and so we headed to an adjoining park to deposit Nibs’ load. Towards the bin was an empty car park and scouting (as we do) for coins, something caught my eye. I thought it might be a fiver, then changed my mind and walked on. About a yard up, I stopped, went back and picked it up. It was a folded up tenner !! BONUS.

Unraveling it, I saw it was damaged and dirty.

Later on I checked on the Bank of England’s website and saw they had a procedure to claim against damaged notes. So I did and got paid the £10. Win.

First note of the 2015-2016 campaign.


On our Alley-way

So another evening over at Summerhouse, Nibs and I head out on one of our adventures. Again we head towards the waste ground at Davy Way.

We cross over the bypass and head there, but just before the first turning, I spot a nice 5p nestling against the kerb opposite McDonalds. I thought to myself, even if I don’t find anymore, it’s already been good for moneying.

We aim further towards Davy Way but I spot an alleyway and decide to head on over. Luckily, on that small alleyway I spot a nice penny. Bonus !
Then at the end of the alleyway, which intersects a major road, another shiny calls to me. This time a 10p !

So before the main walk has already began, we’re 16p to the good.

At Davy Way, a 2p calls to me at the side of the road. This is a win !
We finish the walk there, with Nibs enjoying his off the lead time on the waste ground.

We head back with 18p across 4 finds. Quality.


On my Sub-way

I head on over to Tiff’s place whilst she’s working and grab her some tea from Subway so that she doesn’t have to cook after a long day. There’s a cheeky little penny left on the customer side of the counter (not near the till) and so that one goes in the collection !

I then head on over, grab Nibs and we aim for the industrial estate towards Kingsway. Luckily at the road that leads there I find an archive 2p. I continue on to where there’s a roundabout by some waste ground on Davy way and I normally check the crossings when I’m down there (apart from one) as there’s normally a lorry or other vehicle parked there. Well this time it was empty and so over we went. Happily I found a 10p, a 5 and a penny. To celebrate our finds, behind an open gate there was a large swathe of waste ground – Nibs had a nice run off lead. He liked it. You see, if he leads us to money, he gets more time off 😉