On my Sub-way

I head on over to Tiff’s place whilst she’s working and grab her some tea from Subway so that she doesn’t have to cook after a long day. There’s a cheeky little penny left on the customer side of the counter (not near the till) and so that one goes in the collection !

I then head on over, grab Nibs and we aim for the industrial estate towards Kingsway. Luckily at the road that leads there I find an archive 2p. I continue on to where there’s a roundabout by some waste ground on Davy way and I normally check the crossings when I’m down there (apart from one) as there’s normally a lorry or other vehicle parked there. Well this time it was empty and so over we went. Happily I found a 10p, a 5 and a penny. To celebrate our finds, behind an open gate there was a large swathe of waste ground – Nibs had a nice run off lead. He liked it. You see, if he leads us to money, he gets more time off 😉

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