Today was really hot and we headed out to Robinswood Hill for a nice walk with Nibs. It was super lush in both weather and look of the area and it rapidly became one of my favourite hill spots.

Nibs decided to christen the new walk with a cheeky plop, which Tiff carried for a while (in a bag mind !). Anyhow, walking the perimeter of the hill I saw a red poo bin through the trees and so we headed to an adjoining park to deposit Nibs’ load. Towards the bin was an empty car park and scouting (as we do) for coins, something caught my eye. I thought it might be a fiver, then changed my mind and walked on. About a yard up, I stopped, went back and picked it up. It was a folded up tenner !! BONUS.

Unraveling it, I saw it was damaged and dirty.

Later on I checked on the Bank of England’s website and saw they had a procedure to claim against damaged notes. So I did and got paid the £10. Win.

First note of the 2015-2016 campaign.

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