We’ll come back

Yesterday we took a long walk around the area – over 2 hours walking.
Well, we didn’t find any money until late in the walk and then it wasn’t obtainable as it was behind a tall locked gate out of arms reach. It looked like Ghost would receive his 2nd coin of the day, adding to the non-obtainable penny I saw in Tesco earlier.

A plan was formed.

So, on to today, Tiff got a magnetic whip from her yard and off we went towards that elusive 5p. Not far from my house I found a penny hiding by a little dirt mound, the coin Gods were smiling.

We get to the gate and then here’s what happened.


The coin snapped satisfyingly against the whip and she was 5p up. Ghost was upset :)
Either way, it was the first coin to be obtained with the assistance of a tool.

We carried on our walk and about 10 minutes later, the snap of coin against magnetic whip was heard for the 2nd time as she collected a 2p. Handily at the same time, I also shouted MONEY as I found a 1p just yards away.

Day ended, Road Gold of 9p collected.

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