Money Road : Mud Money

Another decent evening tonight, weather wise and so I took Nibs out for a nice long walk. We naturally found ourselves gravitating towards Money Road. Nibs is spending more time off lead now and that’s quality.

Anyhow, we reach Money Road and Nibs went free. The Road was as clear as it was last time we visited so I decided to check the periphery.

At the point where the road met the mud (where they haven’t continued building) I saw a couple of pennies that had clearly been there a while. Bonus ! Money Road still supplying. It’s electrifying !

I moved a bit further along the road and walking along the pavement, I saw something on the mud alongside. This is what I found….


Well I found 7 pennies and three 2 penny pieces on that mud patch. Hoard alert !

Later on, Nibs found a shoe and went all grabby and bitey on it.


I then found a further 5p and 2p whilst he was doing his shoe thing.

In total, 10 pennies, 4 2p’s and a 5p. It keeps on giving.

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