I feel like Dancing yeah, Moneying, yeah !

So tonight I had to take my Mum to her dance class, so I parked up and set out to walk the virgin ground.

I headed out on a potential hour long walk and I’d only walked about 100 yards when my first opportunity came, a telephone box. There was nothing in the coin return but a cheeky 2p adorned the concreted floor. This walk was already a winner.

Around the corner and onto Tuffley Avenue and there was a penny. Typical it came just as someone was walking by me, that’s always embarrassing.

I turned left onto Podsmead Road and headed towards Crypt. On that roundabout, I scooped up a 5p and a 2p.
Now onto Tuffley Lane – a further 5p and a final tuppence were collected here.

17p to the good, I headed back to Mum and we went home. I don’t know who had the better work out ! 😉

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