Road Gold USA !

So the end of September came and we headed to Orlando in Florida for a 2 week holiday. Excellent.

Tiff had always said to me that she wanted a break on holiday from the money game but if she did see any coins, she’d pick them up. Well, that attitude changed !!

On our first day, we headed to Universal Studios. Tiff found money almost instantly, a 1c coin and so was hooked. She ended the day having found 4 x 1c and a 1 x 5c coin. I retaliated with a 1 x 10c and a 1 x 5c. We were off to a great start to Road Gold USA.


Days passed and as each visit to a theme park came, new finds followed. By the end of the first week, we’d found 10 coins each…..

On went the holiday and the fun, but the money game was always present, cheekily hiding in the background awaiting his return to the fore. Especially during queuing for rides, you see things like this !


Well, we ended the 14 day break with Tiff having found 18 coins and I having found 26, including a 1c piece each at Orlando airport.


The total was 44 coins and amounted to $1.50. We wanted to buy something for the amount we found but everything was way more expensive than the coin value we had. So instead, on the plane, we gave it to charity.



When we reached England, we wanted to jump straight back in to the English game and find something nice to start October with (even though we were half way through the month) – well, I found this little beauty hiding by one of those airport walkway thingies.


Not an English find, but still nice nonetheless.

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