Money around Town

So today, Tiff wanted to go to Countrywide to buy some horse-based products. As we do, we head somewhere then go moneying.

We headed towards town, looking all the way, but nothing was to be found. As we reached the centre, we aimed towards the circular bench where Tiff found money last year. Nothing.

Nearby though, Tiff picked up a 2p, resting nicely against some cobble stones. We were on our way !

Next, we headed towards the Docks and the wasteground that did us well the previous year. Perfectly, I found two 2p coins there. Walking back towards Countrywide, I found a lonely penny resting on the pavement of a disused business. Then, over at Dunelm, I found a nice shiny 5p winking at me on the pavement. Win !

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