Monthly Archives: November 2015


Cold morning jaunt

We hadn’t been on a nice money outing for a while owing to illness, work commitments and poor weather. So today, whilst incredibly cold and windy, it was sunny, so we went out.

First stop, parking up at the Peel centre in gloucester. We started by scouring the car park there, even though it was busy. I found a penny in the same vicinity that I found a 20p last year. We headed up over the Severn towards Hempsted Lane and it wasn’t long before I found a 5p, glistening at me from the road.

We then decided to head towards the abandoned Meadow Park, the previous home of Gloucester football club – on the way I found another 5p, shouting “money” just before Tiff could. 11p already in the bag. Anyhow, we visited the massively overgrown Meadow Park which nature has virtually reclaimed. Here was a massive amount of eye energy but in all that, Tiff sighted her first coin, another 5p.

We decided to head towards Sainsbury’s and a cheeky walk along the canal – on the way there however, we stopped at a rather treacherous crossing at the entrance to Sainsbury’s. Tiff found another 5p and as she aimed to cross the road, I spied a coin. It was a £1 !
Then, I saw another coin and it was a 20p. Crossing the road again (because where we were headed to wasn’t passable on foot) I found another 5p.

Overall we found £1.46. A nice productive morning.


October 2015 Results

The results for October are in :

9 English coins found, totalling £0.36
Plus 26 foreign coins and our first ever foreign note !

3 English coins found, totalling £0.23
Plus 18 foreign coins.

Between us a very poor £0.59.

That said, we were on holiday for 2 weeks of October and did accumulate a good number of American coins ! :)