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New Years Eve

Tiff and I decided to walk up to the Bovis show home to see if we could upgrade where we live currently. It was a nasty windy and rainy walk and the pain of it was, when we got there, it wasn’t open. And thus began another money walk.

Heading back to my house, just a few yards away from the show home, I spotted a penny. Already a win.
We took a few short cut roads that we haven’t used for ages and then the calls of “MONEY” came again. In a small grit out-cropping I discovered another penny and then a 5p.

Not long after, we walked past a bus shelter and there Tiff saw a glistening 10p. Smashing !

Later on, we headed out on a Nibs plop walk and hit lots of areas of the estate where we hadn’t been for a while. It paid off as we found a hot pocket of road gold. I saw 2 5p’s on a t-junction. They were mine and as is normally the way, if we spot a couple, we’ll look in depth a bit more. That paid off too as I found both a penny and then a tuppence nearby. LUSH !


Year ending bike ride

Today the weather was good and so we decided to take some time for ourselves and get out on a bike ride.

I pumped up the tyres and off we went, in search of discarded coins. We mirrored the bike ride from the festive period last year and the area had changed dramatically with lots of new houses and roads in place.

It didn’t stop Tiff though as she fired up the game with a 5p discovery.

It took quite a while before the next coin hit our pockets as I found a 2p in some parking spaces on a large estate. We headed over to Mill Lane and the small track alongside the stream, which makes for some nice peaceful cycling…. then back over to Mill Lane via the sports centre. Tiff found a penny there and nearby, an old skate park yielded a 5p for me.

We came home with 4 coins and happy to have had a nice break from wind and rain !


Surprising 2p

Shopping day ! We headed up to Tesco and amazingly, the car park was nigh on empty. A nice change considering just before Christmas it was mental packed !

Anyhow, we cross the car park towards the entrance and a gleam catches my eye. The famous call of “Money” rings out and I stoop to pick up what I believe is a nice shiny 2p. Yet the feel is much thicker. It was a pound ! Our 8th pound of this year’s game.

To cap off that impressive find, I found a 5p at the self checkouts too.


Increasing rate of retrieval

Another small break in the weather lead us to another jaunt to try and find some currency.

2 minutes after leaving the house, I grabbed a penny from literally under the feet of Tiff as she meandered by. Win.
Then, a few roads later, I found a 2p. Almost exactly like yesterdays money walk.

We reached the abandoned pub in Abbeydale, where I scooped yet another penny.

Walking back through the alleyway, Tiff found a nice shiny 10p, off the pathway in the mud. Fantastic find.
We headed back to Coopers Edge and took a different way back to the house, a plan that often pays dividends as Tiff added to her haul with a 2p.
Today’s long walk was 16p compared to yesterdays 13p.

However, the day was not done as I found a further 2 coins on the night time Nibs walk. A penny and another 2p. Quality.


Boxing Day finds

The weather has been bloody awful for the past few weeks. Mega windy and mega rain everywhere – for days. Anyhow, we spotted a small break in the weather and took advantage.

Around the estate we went, walking Nibs and aiming to find some money to add to our rather lowly amount found for December. Something caught my eye from between some railings and there it was, our first find. A penny. We rounded the fencing and aimed for that street and there was #2, a 2p. Great start.

On we went, zig-zagging the streets of Coopers Edge, visiting the sites of past successes. Unfortunately for us, the rough and ready roads have been recently tarmaced and thus were too clean. That didn’t stop Tiff however, as she scooped up a 5p from near someone’s bins. Then a road or so later, she grabbed another 5p.

Just before we headed back, I found another one of those supermarket £1 coin fake thingamybobs. Anyhow, thirteen pence for the 45 minutes we were out walking is a great return.



So it’s dark, wet and windy. Not great money game weather. So you have to venture indoors to receive your bounty.

In to Tesco we went to do our weekly shopping(s). I found a tasty little 5p by the pick’n’mix section and Tiff grabbed a cheeky 5p from under someone’s feet at the self checkouts.

Later on we went out on Nibs’ late night plop-walk. And he did 2 wicked ones for those who are interested. Anyhow, nearly at the end and back at my house, I see a circle glinting at me underneath the glow of a streetlight and there sat a lonesome penny. He went straight in the pocket and money of an evening came back into the game.

About 20 paces later, I saw another circular glint, leaned down and saw it was a tuppence. Then, right next to it, half buried under grit, came another 2p.
Another 5p added to the 2 from earlier !

Where there’s grit, there’s gold.


November 2015 Results

The results for November are in :

9 English coins found, totalling £1.40
Plus 1 foreign coin.

16 English coins found, totalling £1.86

Between us a decent £3.26.

We beat the November result from last year, so that’s a win.