So it’s dark, wet and windy. Not great money game weather. So you have to venture indoors to receive your bounty.

In to Tesco we went to do our weekly shopping(s). I found a tasty little 5p by the pick’n’mix section and Tiff grabbed a cheeky 5p from under someone’s feet at the self checkouts.

Later on we went out on Nibs’ late night plop-walk. And he did 2 wicked ones for those who are interested. Anyhow, nearly at the end and back at my house, I see a circle glinting at me underneath the glow of a streetlight and there sat a lonesome penny. He went straight in the pocket and money of an evening came back into the game.

About 20 paces later, I saw another circular glint, leaned down and saw it was a tuppence. Then, right next to it, half buried under grit, came another 2p.
Another 5p added to the 2 from earlier !

Where there’s grit, there’s gold.

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