Boxing Day finds

The weather has been bloody awful for the past few weeks. Mega windy and mega rain everywhere – for days. Anyhow, we spotted a small break in the weather and took advantage.

Around the estate we went, walking Nibs and aiming to find some money to add to our rather lowly amount found for December. Something caught my eye from between some railings and there it was, our first find. A penny. We rounded the fencing and aimed for that street and there was #2, a 2p. Great start.

On we went, zig-zagging the streets of Coopers Edge, visiting the sites of past successes. Unfortunately for us, the rough and ready roads have been recently tarmaced and thus were too clean. That didn’t stop Tiff however, as she scooped up a 5p from near someone’s bins. Then a road or so later, she grabbed another 5p.

Just before we headed back, I found another one of those supermarket £1 coin fake thingamybobs. Anyhow, thirteen pence for the 45 minutes we were out walking is a great return.

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