Increasing rate of retrieval

Another small break in the weather lead us to another jaunt to try and find some currency.

2 minutes after leaving the house, I grabbed a penny from literally under the feet of Tiff as she meandered by. Win.
Then, a few roads later, I found a 2p. Almost exactly like yesterdays money walk.

We reached the abandoned pub in Abbeydale, where I scooped yet another penny.

Walking back through the alleyway, Tiff found a nice shiny 10p, off the pathway in the mud. Fantastic find.
We headed back to Coopers Edge and took a different way back to the house, a plan that often pays dividends as Tiff added to her haul with a 2p.
Today’s long walk was 16p compared to yesterdays 13p.

However, the day was not done as I found a further 2 coins on the night time Nibs walk. A penny and another 2p. Quality.

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