Year ending bike ride

Today the weather was good and so we decided to take some time for ourselves and get out on a bike ride.

I pumped up the tyres and off we went, in search of discarded coins. We mirrored the bike ride from the festive period last year and the area had changed dramatically with lots of new houses and roads in place.

It didn’t stop Tiff though as she fired up the game with a 5p discovery.

It took quite a while before the next coin hit our pockets as I found a 2p in some parking spaces on a large estate. We headed over to Mill Lane and the small track alongside the stream, which makes for some nice peaceful cycling…. then back over to Mill Lane via the sports centre. Tiff found a penny there and nearby, an old skate park yielded a 5p for me.

We came home with 4 coins and happy to have had a nice break from wind and rain !

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