New Years Eve

Tiff and I decided to walk up to the Bovis show home to see if we could upgrade where we live currently. It was a nasty windy and rainy walk and the pain of it was, when we got there, it wasn’t open. And thus began another money walk.

Heading back to my house, just a few yards away from the show home, I spotted a penny. Already a win.
We took a few short cut roads that we haven’t used for ages and then the calls of “MONEY” came again. In a small grit out-cropping I discovered another penny and then a 5p.

Not long after, we walked past a bus shelter and there Tiff saw a glistening 10p. Smashing !

Later on, we headed out on a Nibs plop walk and hit lots of areas of the estate where we hadn’t been for a while. It paid off as we found a hot pocket of road gold. I saw 2 5p’s on a t-junction. They were mine and as is normally the way, if we spot a couple, we’ll look in depth a bit more. That paid off too as I found both a penny and then a tuppence nearby. LUSH !

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