Monthly Archives: January 2016


The Day that keeps on giving

Following on from our earlier success at Money Road, we head to Tesco as Tiff wants to buy a new watch.

As we move to stand in line at the self checkouts, I spot a 5p behind one of the checkouts. So we queue up and hope that that checkout becomes free which will make for an easier pick up of the coin. Unfortunately for us, the manager of the area guided us to the tobacco checkout. Bummer.

Anyhow, Tiff pays and we head back into the store to look at other things. So back we go to the checkout area and there, the line clears and I head towards that glorious 5p. It’s mine !

Outside, we do a peripheral check of the car park and I find a further 2p and Tiff grabs a penny from near the car wash area.
Heading out from Tesco and back towards home, Tiff finds yet another £1 coin.


Later on, we take Nibs on his final plop walk and I discover a 2p and a 5p.
Massive day.



Evil Baby

Finally, a break in the rain as a sunny day hits. It’s cold, but dry and that enables Road Gold activity.

So off to Money Road we go. We park the car and walk with reverence towards that glorious, huge, majestic road. And luckily, on the way there, I found 6p. A penny and a nice 5. The latter of which was called just before Tiff saw it. But the rules are, call it first, it’s yours.

We hit Money Road and the game began. Tiff started well, nabbing 4 coins almost immediately. Then we went our separate ways, with “money” shouts heard left and right.

The results were once again astounding as Money Road continued adding to our game’s total.

Tiff found 13 English coins totalling 36p and 4 foreign coins. I found 14 English coins totalling 49p and 1 foreign coin.

Oh, and why the Evil Baby title ?
Well, this was found just outside Money Road. Ominous ?



Another quid

Another late night walk with Nibs, so he can do his “business”. He did and so did we.

Not plops, we found money. Well, Tiff actually…… as she scooped a pound coin from the pavement along Lobley’s Drive. Not far from my house.
That’s how we like it, easy money.


New rule for a new year !

Today saw the first coins found of the new year, and along with it, a new rule.

We headed out on a small walk with Nibs following dinner round a friend’s house. Anyhow, we decided to walk along streets which we don’t often visit. It was to pay off.

First off we headed to a newly built area, with no residents. Scouring among the many items of building debris, I found a nice 5p. We were off to a great start.
Then came the moment when the game added a new rule. Nibs stopped for his constitutional when I saw something glinting in the same place as I’d found a small hoard only a few days before. I went over to them and it was a 2p and 2 pennies. Tiff felt a bit annoyed as essentially, her being on plop duty gave her the handicap. So the new rule came into force….

If a player is picking up dog poo, any find(s) is/are shared equally among the players.