New rule for a new year !

Today saw the first coins found of the new year, and along with it, a new rule.

We headed out on a small walk with Nibs following dinner round a friend’s house. Anyhow, we decided to walk along streets which we don’t often visit. It was to pay off.

First off we headed to a newly built area, with no residents. Scouring among the many items of building debris, I found a nice 5p. We were off to a great start.
Then came the moment when the game added a new rule. Nibs stopped for his constitutional when I saw something glinting in the same place as I’d found a small hoard only a few days before. I went over to them and it was a 2p and 2 pennies. Tiff felt a bit annoyed as essentially, her being on plop duty gave her the handicap. So the new rule came into force….

If a player is picking up dog poo, any find(s) is/are shared equally among the players.

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