Evil Baby

Finally, a break in the rain as a sunny day hits. It’s cold, but dry and that enables Road Gold activity.

So off to Money Road we go. We park the car and walk with reverence towards that glorious, huge, majestic road. And luckily, on the way there, I found 6p. A penny and a nice 5. The latter of which was called just before Tiff saw it. But the rules are, call it first, it’s yours.

We hit Money Road and the game began. Tiff started well, nabbing 4 coins almost immediately. Then we went our separate ways, with “money” shouts heard left and right.

The results were once again astounding as Money Road continued adding to our game’s total.

Tiff found 13 English coins totalling 36p and 4 foreign coins. I found 14 English coins totalling 49p and 1 foreign coin.

Oh, and why the Evil Baby title ?
Well, this was found just outside Money Road. Ominous ?


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