It’s pound to be !

Another first Friday of the month, another Strollers meet up. So off I went to Weatherspoons at the Gloucester Quays.

I meet up with my fellow Strollers and we head to a table to sit down, naturally, I’m checking for money (CFM) on the way. Anyhow, we sit down and my eyes still peruse the vicinity. Behind me, underneath a table by the table leg I thought I saw a coin, and to me it looked like it could have been a quid.

For over an hour I was torn as there were loads of people around that table and I wasn’t 100% sure it was a coin. Could have been a gum !

Anyhow, nearing the hour and a half mark, my opportunity came and I lunged quickly for the object when 3 of the people standing there went to the bar. It was a pound. WIN !

Leaving the pub and going back to the car, I also found a penny in the shopping area. Bonus.

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