Monthly Archives: April 2016


Pound to be !

The day started off well with Tiff ringing me from her car to tell me of her good news. At the Esso petrol station near Haddon, she scooped a cheeky penny. Win.

When she got home, she went for a run with Nibs and found a 5p not far from the house. Win #2.

Shortly after she got back, we went to Tesco for our weekly shop and there she found her third coin. A 2p in the squash aisle. She was buzzing.
Then came the kicker, we hit the freezer aisle and there I found a pound coin. Boom !

Ending the day with the obligatory Nibs walk, I found a nice 2p in an empty car parking space. Quality.


Biking for Gold

It was a cold morning but we thought, “sod it” we’re going out on bikes. It snowed earlier and the chill was still in the air as we biked down towards previous rich money grounds, the Storage King car park down by Walls Roundabout.

Before we got there however, I scooped a 10p from Bird Road, which got one up on Tiff who had previously found 2p right by her car earlier in the day.

We hit the car park, Tiff got off to walk and I slowly biked around. Immediately I found a penny and a two pence piece, which Tiff then reciprocated by finding her own versions of those coins. We carried on and each of us found another penny. Tiff then pulled ahead there with a 5p, found in the mud area.

Hitting the waste ground area right by the car park, I found a further 2 pennies, archive in nature, which is to say they were old and manky.

Riding back along the cycle path towards Sainsbury’s, I was stopped in my tracks by another shiny. It was a 5p !

Win !


Wash those coins !

Tiff and I went to visit one of our favourite haunts today, the car wash on Hucclecote Road.
Unluckily for us, the past few times we’d been there, it hadn’t provided at all and so Tiff was not feeling hopeful about her hoard spot.

As the light faded, we arrived with just enough vision to pick out a few coins. Tiff collected 4 pennies and I found 2 pennies and one 2p plus another one of those supermarket tokens. We were back to winning ways.

Then about 20 yards down the road, she found a further penny to add to her collection !


Two walks, two lots of 12

Sometimes Road Golding can surprise you, like today did to me.

Nibs and I went out walking, like we normally do at routine times of the day. On the first walk (on similar routes we normally take around Coopers Edge) I found a 2p next to a bus stop almost immediately and then towards the end, I found a 10p on the pavement. That, in and of itself is a massive win as 10p’s aren’t the most common Road Gold finds.

However, later in the day, almost the exact same thing happened again. Whilst we took a slightly different route (and I mean slightly) a 2p was found almost immediately, then right at the end, another 10p was found on the pavement.

Now, either the Road Gold fairies are helping out or it was just a lucky day with impeccable timing. Either way, 24p found for very little effort.