Two walks, two lots of 12

Sometimes Road Golding can surprise you, like today did to me.

Nibs and I went out walking, like we normally do at routine times of the day. On the first walk (on similar routes we normally take around Coopers Edge) I found a 2p next to a bus stop almost immediately and then towards the end, I found a 10p on the pavement. That, in and of itself is a massive win as 10p’s aren’t the most common Road Gold finds.

However, later in the day, almost the exact same thing happened again. Whilst we took a slightly different route (and I mean slightly) a 2p was found almost immediately, then right at the end, another 10p was found on the pavement.

Now, either the Road Gold fairies are helping out or it was just a lucky day with impeccable timing. Either way, 24p found for very little effort.

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