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fire money

Fire Gold

Nibs had to have a hair cut today and so we took him to Scooby’s. Whilst he was there, we planned a cheeky visit to Money Road.

On the way to drop off Nibs, I stopped for Petrol in Tesco Brockworth and on the way out, I stopped at the air pump when I saw a coin out of the window. There I grabbed a penny and a 10 Euro cents coin.

After Nibs, we drove towards Money Road and parked up in the garden centre. From there we walked towards money road and I scooped a further coin with a penny being found on the pavement.

Money Road was gated off very tightly with new concrete bollards and wider gates. We couldn’t get in how we normally did until Tiff did her SAS roll underneath the fence. I followed and even though I got stuck on the gate temporarily, I got through.

Tiff found a penny almost immediately and so the Moneying on our favourite ground began. I followed with a penny find of my own and then I went on a kind of spree picking up 2 5p’s, 2 more pennies and 2 more foreign coins (1 Euro cent and a 2 Euro cents).

Tiff was feeling a little left behind until she scooped a 2p and then her primal self took over. She thought that she should check the areas where the “travellers” had temporarily habited, found their old fires and started rifling through it with a big stick. Randomly she started finding coin after coin. All I could hear from the places I was checking was “Another one”!…..

This carried on for a while until we were rumbled by a security guard on the ground who wanted us off the property. Kind of odd really for a piece of waste ground. Anyway, we left with him but I did find a penny on the way back. He couldn’t stop that !

Tiff was a bit annoyed as she wanted to check all the other fire areas on the grounds, but she did find……
3 x 5p’s, 1 x 10p, 3 x 2p’s and 2 x 1p. Also some foreign coins, 2 x 1 Euro Cents, 1 x 2 Euro Cents and 1 x 10 Euro Cents. Big hoard win.