Danger Gold

Today we went out to look for new things to buy for our new house that we’re moving into soon. So we park in Homebase, look in there then walk up to B&M and finally to Currys.

Crossing Metz way towards Currys we spot a few coppers in the middle of the crossing. Tiff and I both pick up a 2p and a penny quickly and head on over. We know there’s more but decide to get it on the way back.

The thing is, this road junction is really busy and there’s 3 lane traffic coming from all directions. It’s money. It’s danger money !

We cross a couple more times and each scoop a few more coins. Tiff wants to continue knowing that I had seen at least one more coin, even through the embarrassment of stopping in front of cars at lights watching you pick up pennies. Even after getting shouted at by people in their cars thinking we’re scuffers ! 😉

I decide I can’t do any more and that we should come back later one night when it’s less busy. Tiff goes back for one more try and I head back to the car. Funnily enough, on the way back to the car, I find a 20p. Tiff makes it back and she couldn’t find that penny I had seen.

Danger money, both in potentially getting hit and the embarrassment of it all :)

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