Today was an odd day for the money game. But in a good way.

Tiff and I set out on a walk, as we often do, to find some money. We went to see my Dad for Father’s Day and on the way back we headed towards Tesco to get some money from the ATM.

Walking up Hucclecote Road towards Brockworth, I stopped with the obligatory “MONEY”, where I found 20p in the gutter. It was a bit scratched, but a 20p nonetheless. Randomly enough, further up the road, I found another 20p. Then, walking towards Tesco on the paved area, I found a 5p. That was quality enough. Home we went.

Later on, we went back up to Tesco to do the weekly shopping, inside, I found another 20p and then another 5p.

Silvers !!!!!!!!

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