Sunday Biking

Today Tiff and I went out on a nice long bike ride, we wanted to enjoy more the ride than to look for money. It didn’t last long.

We headed up through Brockworth and from there, on up to Chosen Hill. Right towards the top, as I was struggling hard for breath, a circle caught my eye. I stopped, grabbed it, penny !

From there we headed to Cheltenham Road East and took a left along that road towards Elmbridge Court roundabout. Near the roundabout I saw the little piece of ground where a car wash used to be and thinking along the lines of our current hoard on Hucclecote Road, we ambled in. There I scooped up 10p in coppers.

Heading out, we stopped to get our bearings and in a layby, Tiff discovered a nice 5p.

We cycled home, barely stopping, but safe in the knowledge that not only had we had a nice drop of exercise, we got paid for the privelege !

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