Monthly Archives: September 2016


The First Pound !

Finally, we found our first pound coin of this year’s game.
Tiff found it as we parked up in Sainsbury’s car park with an aim to Money on one of our old moneying routes. We were literally only just moaning together about how we haven’t found a pound coin yet when Tiff bellowed “Money” !

The golden beauty was nestled under a bench near the entrance. Great start.

We discovered another 12p along the route. Great night.


August 2016 Results

The results for August are in :

21 English coins found, totalling £0.48
Plus 1 foreign coin

11 English coins found, totalling £0.48

Continuing our poor run of the new season of Road Gold, we only found £0.96 this month. Not that another excuse is coming, but I did break my hand on 31/7/16 and so that hindered a lot !