The Game

I suggested the idea to Tiffany that we should see how much money we could find in a whole year (running from June to May), just by picking up discarded coins from the floor. She had recently found a few coins and had mentioned to me that she always picked up stray pennies and so was well on board. The game was born.

I created 2 tins for us to capture our found cash.


There are 3 prizes on offer as follows :

Gold :
Is awarded to the person who finds the highest value of money across the year.

Silver :
Is awarded to the person who finds the most English coins across the year.

Bronze :
Is awarded to the person who finds the most non English (or old English) coins across the year.


The Players



Ghost is the silent player who coins/notes are allocated to in the game, where you see it, but cannot get it. An example being you see a penny on some land but can’t get to it because it’s behind a locked gate.



The game thrives on honesty and in order for us to run this game across a whole year, we only add money into the game if:-

1) We’ve come by it honestly. So, legitimately found it.
2) We haven’t stolen it or haven’t seen someone drop money and not offered it back.

As part of that, we can’t just give to the game from our own wallets !


Keeping Track

To help keep track of our finds and to work out the statistics, I created a rather nice Road Gold spreadsheet. Here’s a Blank Spreadsheet for you to download so you can see what I created !


The End Result

We decided that at the end of the year, we’d use all of the money found to fund a really fun activity (to be decided based on how much we find). The cash cannot be put towards something generic or standard, such as shopping or a meal out. As we do that a fair bit anyhow – it has to be fun and unusual !

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Me and my husband been doing this for years. I get a genuine thrill from finding a coin and it always picks up my mood and puts a smile on my face. We always thank the Universe for her largesse, whether it’s a penny or the (occasional) note or pound coin. We’ve got a tin that weighs a ton. No dogs, but we both walk whenever possible and I often catch my husband looking down at the pavement. Dead giveaway! I try to walk with my head up but eyes down as I worry about my posture ?.

    Road gold is a very good name for this harmless but happiness-generating activity. Happy hunting!

    1. Hi Maeve

      Excellent stuff. nice to hear others are playing the same game :)
      Yes, finding random coins can be quite thrilling and lift the spirits.

      Agreed on the posture thing, but those coins are just so moreish ! :)

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