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It’s a great game (show)

So today, Tiff and I headed down to Bristol as I had an audition there for a game show. We couldn’t pass this opportunity up and so we road golded before and after !

Tiff found a nice haul of 3 two pences and 2 one’s.
I found 3 one’s, 2 two’s and a five.

First Bristol Road Gold added to our pots.

Just for the record, castle park was full of druggees, not great. And could there be any more shops in that area !
Great for road golders though 😉


Rogue One Pound Coin

So Tiff and I headed out to watch Rogue One for the 2nd time, this time in 3D. Awesome btw. Vader going ape-shit wins !

Back at the car following the film, I go to open the car door and then I look down and think I find a bingo token or something similar. I pick it up, only a bleeding quid ! Get in.


Great find

Today was a terrible weather day but a perfect Road Gold day.

On the midday Nibs walk, it was caning down with rain. We traipsed around our standard block walk and whilst watching him saunter over to a tree to relieve himself, I looked down (as I do) and by crikey, yes, “by crikey”, there were three coins shining at me. Only a £1, a 20p and a 10p !


Later that night I also picked up a penny at Tesco. :)


Pound ya !

This evening, Tiff found hers and our 2nd pound coin of the year so far.
It was just sitting there on top of a bench outside our favourite haunt, Tesco.

Earlier in the day too, Tiff also found a 10p and a penny. Great day.

Having a dog that forces you to get out there is great for a Road Golder.


Note this !

So over the weekend I attended Star Trek Destinations 2016 in Birmingham at the NEC.
Now with thousands of people out and about, it was almost a guaranteed money-tastic venue.

Unfortunately, there was not a coin to be seen. Not a single blighter. Almost as scarce as the lack of merchandise stalls and atmosphere at the “convention”.

Despite saying I wouldn’t, I ended up buying a couple of prints to go and get signed by some of the cast of DS9. First up was Nicole De Boer, who played Ezri Dax.
Standing in the queue I saw a fiver on the floor in front of me, right by the person in front. She left after receiving her autograph and I asked if she had dropped the note. She hadn’t. WIN !

First note to me !

Anyhow, Nicole signed “Koit” wrong and whilst erasing the y, which she put instead of i, she said “I gave it a good rub”. Perfect.