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The First Pound !

Finally, we found our first pound coin of this year’s game.
Tiff found it as we parked up in Sainsbury’s car park with an aim to Money on one of our old moneying routes. We were literally only just moaning together about how we haven’t found a pound coin yet when Tiff bellowed “Money” !

The golden beauty was nestled under a bench near the entrance. Great start.

We discovered another 12p along the route. Great night.


August 2016 Results

The results for August are in :

21 English coins found, totalling £0.48
Plus 1 foreign coin

11 English coins found, totalling £0.48

Continuing our poor run of the new season of Road Gold, we only found £0.96 this month. Not that another excuse is coming, but I did break my hand on 31/7/16 and so that hindered a lot !


July 2016 Results

The results for July are in :

18 English coins found, totalling £0.40

8 English coins found, totalling £0.14

An incredibly poor result on the money game, but, we did move into a new property on the 4th and so didn’t have much time for it !


Sunday Biking

Today Tiff and I went out on a nice long bike ride, we wanted to enjoy more the ride than to look for money. It didn’t last long.

We headed up through Brockworth and from there, on up to Chosen Hill. Right towards the top, as I was struggling hard for breath, a circle caught my eye. I stopped, grabbed it, penny !

From there we headed to Cheltenham Road East and took a left along that road towards Elmbridge Court roundabout. Near the roundabout I saw the little piece of ground where a car wash used to be and thinking along the lines of our current hoard on Hucclecote Road, we ambled in. There I scooped up 10p in coppers.

Heading out, we stopped to get our bearings and in a layby, Tiff discovered a nice 5p.

We cycled home, barely stopping, but safe in the knowledge that not only had we had a nice drop of exercise, we got paid for the privelege !


Vote for money !

On the day of the EU referendum, we step out for a long summer evening’s walk. We head towards Barnwood park via Abbeydale (rather than via the main road).
Nibs enjoyed his off the lead time in the park and then eventually we hit Tiff’s hoard point, the car wash on Hucclecote Road.

Tiff scored two pennies, a 2p and an American cent.

I scored three pennies and a 1 Euro Cent. Oh and another one of them shopping trolley tokens :)



Today was an odd day for the money game. But in a good way.

Tiff and I set out on a walk, as we often do, to find some money. We went to see my Dad for Father’s Day and on the way back we headed towards Tesco to get some money from the ATM.

Walking up Hucclecote Road towards Brockworth, I stopped with the obligatory “MONEY”, where I found 20p in the gutter. It was a bit scratched, but a 20p nonetheless. Randomly enough, further up the road, I found another 20p. Then, walking towards Tesco on the paved area, I found a 5p. That was quality enough. Home we went.

Later on, we went back up to Tesco to do the weekly shopping, inside, I found another 20p and then another 5p.

Silvers !!!!!!!!


Danger Gold

Today we went out to look for new things to buy for our new house that we’re moving into soon. So we park in Homebase, look in there then walk up to B&M and finally to Currys.

Crossing Metz way towards Currys we spot a few coppers in the middle of the crossing. Tiff and I both pick up a 2p and a penny quickly and head on over. We know there’s more but decide to get it on the way back.

The thing is, this road junction is really busy and there’s 3 lane traffic coming from all directions. It’s money. It’s danger money !

We cross a couple more times and each scoop a few more coins. Tiff wants to continue knowing that I had seen at least one more coin, even through the embarrassment of stopping in front of cars at lights watching you pick up pennies. Even after getting shouted at by people in their cars thinking we’re scuffers ! 😉

I decide I can’t do any more and that we should come back later one night when it’s less busy. Tiff goes back for one more try and I head back to the car. Funnily enough, on the way back to the car, I find a 20p. Tiff makes it back and she couldn’t find that penny I had seen.

Danger money, both in potentially getting hit and the embarrassment of it all :)


2015-2016 Year End Results

The results for the year end are in :

363 English coins found, plus 1 £10 note, totalling £32.84.
and 41 non English coins plus 1 five Euro note.



187 English coins, totalling £12.47
Plus 26 non English coins.



Between us £45.31.
A massive 550 English coin haul !


Both figures down on the year before, but take out the random £40 Tiff found last year, we kind of beat it !

And so this year, I enjoyed a clean sweep, winning all 3 prizes. Most coins, highest value of finds and most foreign/old coinage. My prize was this little beauty!


First Big Score

And so the first big score came of the new Road Gold accounting year as we ventured out on a pleasant Summer evening.

As per usual, we headed towards Tiff’s hoard spot of the car wash. Nicely, on the way, I encountered a sly 5p hiding under the corner of a bus shelter. He was mine and the game was afoot !

Nothing further was found until we reached the mega spot and Tiff started reeling the coins in. She gathered up six 2p’s and 4 pennies. All I had to show from it was 3 pennies and 1 playboy shopping trolley token 😉

On the way back however, I did scoop up a tasty ten pence piece !